Bulldog Field Equipment

Bulldog Field Equipment

Sports field equipment, tools, infield mix and top dressing for sports turf managers, groundskeepers, coaches and golf course superintendents.

Pitching Rubber Testimonials

"We installed the new Bulldog Pitching Rubber on our game mound 1 year ago in preparation for our 2013 season. It held up so well, I see no need to rotate it for the 2014 season. This will save us time and get a few more years out of the pitching rubber. We also did not see any bubbling or depressions in the rubber like we have with others in the past."

- Luke Yoder,  Former San Diego Padres' Director of Field Operations





"I am very pleased with the Bulldog Pitching Rubber we installed 1 year ago. I have not experience a pitching rubber that has not chipped or broken off along the edge in my 18 year career in maintaining athletic fields. We host college, high school, and travel team baseball for at least 9 months out of the year and it withstands the abuse. The strength and durability is the best i've seen in the industry."

-Abby McNeal, Director of Turf Management at Wake Forest

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